Sometimes, when you know a software with a profoundly different workflow from another software with a similar functionality, it can be difficult to make the transition to learn something new. This course, NUKE for After Effects Users, will show learners how to use NUKE from the perspective of someone who already knows After Effects. I demonstrate how to relate the layer-based functionality of After Effects to the node-based workflow of NUKE.

I also guide learners through:

  • The multi-channel workflow
  • Creating and using rotoscopes
  • Keying greenscreens
  • Understanding NUKE's 3D space
  • All of the functionality of text in NUKE
  • Bringing a shot together using some really cool effects.

Throughout this course, I show again and again the similarities and differences between NUKE and After Effects. This course takes a project-based approach to learning NUKE, so by the end of the course learners have had a real experience of what it's like to composite a shot. If they follow along with me step-by-step they'll also have a beautiful scene to show for it.