In this series of tutorials, I detail how to take a sketch for a watch idea from the initial design all the way through to the composited render. This tutorial takes a full pipeline approach so that learners can see every step that it takes to design, model, texture, animate, light, render and composite a full product visualization.

Some of those steps include:

  • Beginning in Illustrator, designing a path rendering of the watch as a top down view
  • Saving those paths to be used as splines in CINEMA 4D
  • Bringing our splines into CINEMA 4D
  • Using many different modifiers to bring the splines to life as 3D geometry
  • Using easy procedural texturing with just a few tweaks to work quickly
  • Lighting the shot
  • Adding a few different camera shots to fully showcase the aspects of our model that are most appealing

We finish up by taking the rendered frames into After Effects to do a full composite; complete with lens flares effects and much more. By the end of this training, learners know how to take a simple sketch idea from it's infancy to a polished 3D portfolio piece.