I created two courses as part of this overall project. I wanted to make a course on creating infographics in Illustrator to begin with, but we just couldn't stop there. It was a refreshing and fun challenge to take all the static Illustrator assets and bring them to life in After Effects. It also gave me a perfect platform to show viewers how to set up an Illustrator project for animation when the original designer had not built the assets with animation as their first purpose. This is a problem motion designers often encounter when working with an established brand. 

The courses cover:

  • Why infographics are important and when to use them for communication
  • The researching process when you have to gather the data yourself
  • Laying out large amounts of data information
  • Typography for static and motion designs
  • Preparing Illustrator files for After Effects usage
  • Tricks for timing animations with a narrator's audio
  • Creating contrast between graph animations and compositions using imagery\
  • Overall time-saving tips